Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Record-breaking athlete 'forced into prostitution by lesbian madam who trafficked her into Britain

The ring is said to have included Michael Poole, 28, who was hired by Shmyrova as a ¿fixer¿ to ensure that prostitutes were ready and willing to carry out clients¿ demands.

A former record-breaking athlete was forced into prostitution by a lesbian madam who ran a 'ruthless' sex ring in London, a court has heard.

The Bulgarian woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, sobbed as she told a jury how she came to Britain for a 'better life' but was made to work for a ‘high class’ escort agency.
Tatiana Shmyrova, 45, exploited the former runner after she had a holiday romance with her son Artyom, Southwark Crown Court heard.
After she was encouraged to come the UK and promised a 'well paid' job as a tour guide, the group took her money and forced her into prostitution, it was alleged.
Shmyrova is said to have advertised the sex workers on a website operated by Natalia Cannon and her estranged husband William, 52, who used the earnings to fund a lavish lifestyle.


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